6 Gmail Username Ideas: Finding Great Email Names

We’ve all been there, staring blankly at the computer screen, struggling vainly to find the right Gmail username idea. Will it be andrew.smith? Maybe harambe2016? Or maybe a random combination of letters and numbers, like 8nls8923? Something as simple as a Gmail username can feel so pivotal.

Whether it’s a throwaway username for an anonymous email, or a professional username for a new set of business cards, we try to imbue our usernames with some aspect of our identity. Keep in mind that you can use our tool to check available gmail addresses. Here are six ideas to help you next time you’re faced with the dilemma of choosing a Gmail username:

1. Your Name

If it’s a username for school or business, always use your name. Your name is the best professional email address. As of this year, Gmail has over 1 billion users—so if you have a common name, like Andrew Smith, it’s probably already taken. Make sure to use our tool to find available Gmail addresses for different possible combinations and abbreviations—like a.smith, andrew.s, or maybe throw in your middle initial or a few numbers at the end.

Just make sure that it’s easily identifiable, memorable, and appropriate for the public image you want to cultivate. Even though Gmail doesn’t take into account periods (emails sent to a.smith@gmail.com and a.sm.i.th@gmail.com will both go to the same place), it’s a good idea to use them between names for clarity, especially if your name is less common.

But let's be honest. The Internet is about a lot more than professionalism. It’s the way we interact with people, close friends and anonymous strangers alike. Sometimes you want ideas for a different Gmail username, maybe for communicating with family only, one that will express your passions and creativity, or maybe a throwaway account you can use to sign up for sweet online deals without the inevitable junk mail weeks later. When your name just isn’t cutting it, turn to the next five ideas for inspiration.

2. Nicknames and Inside Jokes

If you’re the type that likes to keep work separate from your personal life, the best idea for a private Gmail username to use with friends or family might come from a nickname or inside joke. Nicknames and inside jokes both help us to feel closer to each other, they’re always very memorable, and they’re usually quite unique.

Maybe your name is Sharon, but your friends affectionately call you Sharbear. Or maybe your family has a meaningful inside joke from when you were little. These usernames aren’t good for professional uses, but they can be great ideas to keep in touch with family and friends—and if you’re afraid your new Gmail username idea isn’t unique enough, just pass it through the availability checker to be sure.

3. Favorites

If you’re having a hard time coming up with nicknames, inside jokes, or if you want your Gmail username to be more reflective of a different part of your identity, try coming up with a list of favorites—your favorite sports team, movies, books, travel destinations, actresses, athletes, historical figures, video games, etc.

You can come up with a long list, and then try recombining them until you come up with something clever that represents your passions and interests. A lot of people have similar favorites—make sure to try out your new Gmail username idea in the availability checker to make sure some other fan hasn’t already taken the title of your favorite book or movie.

4. Tell a Story

For creative people, a fun way to create a new Gmail username is by writing one that tells a story. The author Earnest Hemingway used write “six word novels”—his most famous was “for sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Challenge yourself by writing a “flash fiction” story like Hemingway in as few words as possible and turning that into a unique Gmail username that’s sure to catch people’s attention and pique their interest. It’s quite the challenge—you might have to do even less than six words! The more creative you can be, the more likely it is that you’ll pass the Gmail availability checker without a problem.

5. Random Combinations

For the ultimate anonymous or throwaway Gmail username, you don’t need many ideas at all, and no need for drawn out contemplations of how to capture your identity in a tagline. Instead, just tap randomly at the keyboard and come up with a string of letters and numbers—but be sure to write them down in case you need to access the account later.

These usernames are easy to forget, but can be useful to maintain anonymity, and they’re great for one-time offers, special deals, or when websites want your Gmail username, but you don’t want to give it to them. Just tap your keyboard randomly, but make sure to do it in the Gmail availability tool first to make sure some other anonymous user hasn’t already done the same thing!

6. Use a Generator

When all else fails and you’re simply out of ideas, try using a random generator for your new Gmail username. A lot of clever people have written algorithms that will recombine your lists of favorites or generate new, fantastical names for you. Instead of straining to find the right Gmail username idea, you can browse the results of random name generators until you find the perfect combination—an unexpected fit that jumps out at you. Maybe you’ll find that the username chooses the user!

The right idea for your first (or next) Gmail username really depends on how you want to use it:

  • If it’s for professional or educational purposes, make sure you use your name—or if the Gmail username availability checker reveals that it’s already taken, try some other combination.
  • If you want a Gmail username for communicating with family and friends you can use a nickname or inside joke.
  • If you want something that reflects your passions, write down your list of favorites and choose a unique combination that expresses what you love in the world.
  • If you’re really creative and up for a challenge, use “flash fiction” story for your username.
  • If it’s a throwaway account and you don’t care to spend too much time thinking, just type out random numbers and letters.
  • When all else fails, turn to username generators and let the right Gmail username idea find you!

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